¿Cómo está, Cardiff?

In case you hadn’t heard already, we’ve just opened up shop in Cardiff’s bustling St David’s centre. Burst dramatically through the doors to be greeted by more than a few slightly startled but welcoming faces, but our new brand visual and interior designs as well, along with a completely new menu.

We’re excited to plant the Barburrito flag in Welsh soil for the very first time, and with the rush of other big names moving in practically next door to us, we couldn’t be joining the community at a better time.

Our CEO, Mr Morgan Davies, weighed in with a few comments to WalesOnline: “Cardiff is fast gaining a reputation for being a real foodie destination, and we’re thrilled to be opening our twelfth Barburrito in such a dynamic and cosmopolitan city.

“Since we started Barburrito 10 years ago, we’ve always focused on taste and experience…With our new menu and brand facelift, our Cardiff customers will be able to experience a real taste of Mexican street food.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Cardiff for the wonderfully warm welcome they’ve given us, and the local press for helping us out with more than a handful of glowing write-ups and reviews – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much! With a reception like this, we’ll be opening more branches in Wales before you know it – watch this space, or keep tuned into the usual social offenders to be the first to find out if and when we do exactly that (our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook are all updated daily and well worth a follow).