Chantelle’s Story!

When I joined Barburrito Apprentice Academy in 2015, I never imagined that I would still be here today!

As soon as I started at my store I felt at home and was made to feel welcome. I met my Store Manager and my Trainer and they explained everything that I needed to know so that I could gain my Hospitality Qualification.



My first year was all about working in the store, learning on the job whilst completing my Apprenticeship. Every few weeks my Trainer would come and visit me at my store. He would go through all my workbooks and make sure that I was on track and would give me lots of feedback.
Barburrito made this journey very simple and enjoyable for me, I developed lots of new skills and got to work in all areas of the store.


I finished my apprenticeship in one year, and then Barburrito offered me a full time Crew Member position and I said YES! I received a pay rise too! As a Crew Member, I was mainly working front of house, which involved customer service and food handling. I was always interested in learning more about the kitchen and I was given the opportunity to move into a Kitchen Crew role which I loved even more. The Kitchen is all about preparing fresh food and learning how to follow recipes which I really enjoy.

This year I was put forward by my manager for a Kitchen Trainer position and I got to attend the Barburrito Kitchen Trainer Course with other Trainers from across the country. I passed the course, and I am now the Kitchen Trainer in my store. I have extra responsibilities and I train new crew in the kitchen.


I couldn’t be happier with my progress here at Barburrito, I’m glad I joined the Apprenticeship Academy for many reasons, it has given me more confidence in myself and helped me to be more outgoing. I am excited to be moving up the Barburrito career ladder! In my few years, I have worked with many wonderful people and made lots of friends. I owe a lot to Barburrito and they have done so much for me, I am very grateful.